High Density Flexible LED strip

High Density Flexible LED Light Strip Series

Distance between 2LEDs quite short, no darkspot when led strip brighten


Side View Series

  • 3014 Side View
  • RGB Side View
  • Side View Flexible LED Strip Light

    Side View LED Strip Series

    This is a strip designed for some special sign using, to satisfy some special needs, which the light emitted from side compare to the top SMD LED strip.

    RGBW Flexible LED strip light

    RGBW 4 chips in 5050 LED Strip Series

    We use the newest LED as light source, the new LED use special production techniques, which adopts single LED with 4 chips ( white and RGB in one LED)

    Mixed Colors Adjustable LED Strip Series

    Mixed Colors Adjustable LED Strip Series

    CCT LED Strip Light

    Color Temperature Adjustable Strip Series

    CCT adjustable LED strips can be worked with controller to achieve color temperature adjustable from 2500-7000K, providing the capacity for warm white to cold white all in one single led strip.


    Magnetic Soft Tape

  • Magnetic LED Light Strips
  • Magnetic Flexible LED Strip

    LED Strips with Magnetic Soft Tape Series

    All our standard Silicone glue dropped IP54 LED strip can be with the magnetic tape
    Suitable for the following SMD LEDs and PCB width 8mm and 10mm LED Strip

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