Super Long Constant current LED Strips

Super-Long Constant Current Flexible LED Strip Series

Length 10/15/20/30 meter LED Strip Light, Keep the same brightness from the beginning to the end Only need one side power supply.

CCT LED Strip Light

Color Temperature Adjustable Series

CCT adjustable LED strips can be worked with controller to achieve
Color temperature adjustable from 2500-7000K, providing the capacity
For warm white to cold white all in one single led strip.

Side View Flexible LED Strip Light

Side View LED Strip Series

This is a strip designed for some special sign using, to satisfy some special needs, which the light emitted from side compare to the top SMD LED strip.

Thin width board Flexible Strip Series

Ultra-Narrow Width PCB LED Strip Light Series

Specially used for slim aluminum profile or heat sink.
Welcome to customize more Ultra-narrow width
Flexible LED strip lights.

High Density Flexible LED strip

 COB Flexible LED Strip

  Dot Free
  Beam Angle 180°
  Luminous efficiency up to 100 lm/W

  Color Option

High Density Flexible LED strip

  S-Bend LED Strip Series

  The unique zigzag pattern
  allows bendable LED Strip
  reach 90° maximum
  bending angle to make
  bends curves
  and form shapes.

Double-Line / Multi-Line LED Strips Series

Multi-Line Series

Welcome to customize Multi-line
Flexible LED strip lights.

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